The Electrolysis Professional Training Program at Holo Academy is available in three versions as per the Academie Dectro guideline to meet the needs of all – a program adapted to your profile. Please note that theory can be done online, while practicals are completed in-house during our practicals class and at your business as a post-study logged hours.

Course Content

Why electroepilation?
The history of electroepilation
Where does electrolysis come from?
Who invented it and why?
The systems of the human body
What is the human body?
Which systems have an effect on hair growth?
The skin and its appendages
What is the composition of the sin and especially the hair?
Where are the cells responsible for hair growth?
What is the principle of electrolysis and how can it eliminate the hairs permanently?
How thermolysis current works and what are its advantages.
The blend currents
What are blend currents and when should we use them?
The consultation
Examination of the ski and hair, contraindications, treatment planning, and recommendations.
The execution of electroepilation
What are the stages of the treatment itself and how to ensure a good insertion?
The positioning and WH&S
Depending on the region treated, how should the electrologist and the client position themselves to ensure comfort and results?
The probes
What are the different types of probes? Why use insulated probes?
Hygiene and asepsis
What are the hygiene and aseptic approved methods of safe and professional electrolysis treatment?
Code of ethics
How to behave with the customer? What to do and what to avoid!
The workstation
What equipment do i need to provide professional and safe electrolysis care?
Know how to market your services, it's essential!
Starting a business
Some tools to get started in beauty!



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