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holo academy reflects an artistic and caring legacy inherited by founder maya ercegovac. our academy houses premium cosmetic services, world-class training, and a supply store with the latest products to elevate professionals in the industry.

"holo academy is named in memory of eva holo, my grandmother, who taught me everything i know about the beauty which surrounds us. without her knowledge, wisdom, and her guiding hand, holo academy would never have been possible. the name holo also refers to the 'wholeness' which surrounds us. i believe that this wholeness has a profound effect on all of us. for eva – lasting beauty, for eva and ever…" – maya ercegovac

the academy

the training we provide continually evolves as we keep up with the latest innovations in the field. stemming from the traditional skills of european masters, we strive to provide students with the highest quality modern training in accordance to selected products of high standard. products used throughout training are also available for students to purchase.


our services have been devised with the aim of delivering an exclusive unmatched treatment experience.

professional supplies

holo academy carries a large range of products, available for purchase, from brands we have established partnerships with over the years - including but not limited to: apilus electrolysis, gaube cosmetics, ros's esthetics, misencil, and action de gala skincare and makeup.




With over 20 years of experience in highly-specialised cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments (including cosmetic tattooing, microblading, electrolysis, skin and body treatments), Maya Ercegovac is renowned as an international trainer and instructor for electrolysis and all cosmetic tattooing modalities. Her extensive knowledge in the beauty and health industry, as well as her artistic ability, have led her to successfully establish Holo Academy – a training provider attracting students Australia-wide and abroad who want to become proficient in the specialised practice of aesthetic art.

Maya was a member of the Cosmetic Tattooing Technical Advisory Committee ( TAC) representing Holo Academy for the new endorsement of the new Cosmetic Tattooing Qualification and units of competency (SHB50321 - Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing).

Training package products proposed for endorsement reflected the skills needs of the Australian tattooing industry, addressed identified skill gaps and allowed for outcomes that meet specific workforce needs and clearer career pathways.

Proposed training package products were developed in a manner to promote quality assessment practices and training outcomes that promoted skills portability across industry sector.


Nationally Accredited Trainer Assessor 
Certified Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner


I Colori Della Dermatologia

Editor  & Author: Antonella Tammaro

Publisher : Aracne

Authors Essay: Maja Ercegovac

Publication Place: Rome

Publication Date: 30 March 2021.


Current Problems in Dermatology

Cosmetic and Medical Tattoos - Technique and Application: 56


Publisher: Karger 


Serup, Jorgen (Copenhagen)

Ercegovac Maja (Melbourne)

Bennoun, Ina (Tel-Aviv)

Hvas, Diana (Copenhagen)

Released: 30 April 2023





ESTP Tattoo Research
APAN Aesthetics Practition Advisory Network
Australasian Infection Control Society

Maya has been a speaker and educator at numerous cosmetic tattoo and medical conferences in Australia and overseas.


4th of September 2017
Microblading Perfection Workshop
St Gallen Switzerland

5-6th of September 2017
Ombre Brows Shading Masterclass
St Gallen Switzerland

September 2017
Swiss Color International Partner Conference
ECTP Tattoo Overview Presentation
Microblading Masterclass
Panorama Hotel Tyrol Austria

6th-8th of September 2018
Swiss Color 2nd International Congress for
Permanent Make Up, Microblading and Paramedical
Kultur Quartier Kufstein Austria

15th -19th of March 2019
Train The Trainer
Swiss Color Head Office
Angerberg Austria

26-28th of March 2019
The international growth of Cosmetic Tattoos into a mainstream business
4th European Congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research
ECTP 2019 Congress
Inselspital Bern Switzerland

July 2020
APAN Aesthetic Conference 2020

16-18th of July 2021
SIME 2021 - Evidence Based Aesthetic Medicine
42 Congresso Nazionale della Societa Italians di Medicina Estetica (SIME)
16 Congresso Nazionale dell’Accademia Italiana di Medicina Anti-Aging (AIMAA)
Congress Centre Rome Cavalieri, Italy

July 2021
APAN Aesthetics Conference 2021
Colour principles for successful cosmetic tattooing application

24-26th of August 2021
Tattooing of the lips - what can go wrong
5th World Congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research
WCTP 2021 Congress
Planetarium Meeting Centre Amsterdam The Netherlands

November 2021
APAN Aesthetics Conference 2021
PMU Development Program

July 2022
APAN Aesthetics Conference 2022
Consultation - Panel Discussion

In March 2019 at the 4th European Society of Tattoo and Pigment research (ESTP) scientific Congress in Bern, Switzerland, Maya was honoured to be a chair for the ‘Permanent makeup and medical tattooing, a rapidly growing field ‘ session alongside MD Professor Jorgen Serup, a renowned Dermatologist from Bispebjerg University Hospital Copenhagen Denmark who is also a Chairman of the European Society for Tattoo and Pigment Research.